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The Veda Mandala is a synergistic confluence of Vedic and Allied Sciences including Advaita, Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Mantra, Yatra, Yagna, Palmistry, Yogic Archery, Vastu Design, Yoga of Relationships and Psychology, Entities, Herbs and more! These are taught by Prashanti de Jager as a system of integrated classes, training, courses designed to empower your climb to entirely new and rarified World Views, Self Identity and Practice efficacy!

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Your Vedic Guide : Prashanti de Jager

The Veda Mandala is for people who believe that ...

... and continuously offers opportunities for realignment, evolution and awakening is possible here and now to live aligned with nature in vibrant integration of body, mind and spirit
...they can share wisdom in different, appropriate and authentic ways no matter what role they play within their social context responding to the changes that are happening on the planet with actions that bring love, harmony, freedom and sustainability from the inside-out
...that valuable guidance from the Vedic arts & sciences can serve our highest potential
...that Nature is our nature, so to align with that flow means to live Life with less resistance and less suffering
...that alignment starts with Self and only when we align ourselves with Truth can we experience wholeness and connectedness.
...there is a sense of unity in that greatness of Gaia and finding our place in that greater unity helps us find peace in truest belonging

Just as having five senses is much more empowering than having just one, so there is a significant benefit to studying and simultaneously practicing multiple Vedic Sciences as their innate cross reference and coherence significantly amplifies the knowledge and insights of one science via the study of any other, a phenomena that goes exponential with every additional Science integrated. For instance, adding Jyotisha (astrology) to Ayurveda changes everything, as does weaving Ayurveda into Yoga, and Hasta quickly becomes invaluable to Jyotisha. To a large extent these sciences/arts/models were never meant to be as isolated as they have become today. 

Veda, meaning ‘knowledge’ in general and ‘sacred knowledge’ specifically, typically refers to the ancient spiritual sciences of India. Veda also is the process of ‘acquiring,’ and can mean ‘perception’ as well. Mandala, meaning ‘circular,’ typically refers to globes, orbs, rings, circumferences, wheels, as well as people, thoughts, topics, categories, and geometry arranged in a ‘circle’ surrounding and supportive of a common theme. Mandala can also mean a ‘community,’ a ‘group,’ and a ‘completeness.’ 

From novices, to highly experienced clinicians, yogis, herbalists, and scientists, the Veda Mandala offers knowledge suitable for all levels, from short topic introductions to lengthy immersions of quite advanced topics and specialized insights. 

The lineages of the Vedic Sciences have always passed along ‘chest to chest’ in the context of an Oral Tradition, and as this is still preferable, online opportunities also exist! Kala-Deshi-Patra, one of the most basic of Vedic Principles, is the principle of how to apply the principles, and it states that all the Vedic Sciences be applied in the context of the ‘Kala,’ which is the time, like 2020; of the ‘Deshi,’ which is the situation and/or place, like the USA; and the ‘Patra,’ which means ‘vessel’ and refers to both the object/person in question and also to the Mantri/Expert applying the Principle. Know that the Veda Mandala is not pure ‘Classic’ Vedic Knowledge per se, but rather originated and evolved over decades of Prashanti de Jager’s path and practice of being an Acharya, a seeker/seer of patterns, and, to the best of his abilities, incessantly shining the light of Vedic Principles onto every situation possible via the essential lens of Kala-Deshi-Patra. 

The Veda Mandala will take you on a journey through holistic, energetic and Spirit world views and via the transcendental depths of practices from Yoga and Ayurveda, invoke mind-body balance so that Self, learning, and experience all harmoniously manifest as Singular in Flow as Life! 

As a Mandala we aspire to an empowerment of Self that enables us to see the unseen!

You are so welcome to be a part of the Veda Mandala!